ADx Dental - Tailored to Your Comfort


We believe in a team approach to help you assess and see the condition of your oral health and explore possibilities. Pictures engage, motivate and aid in understanding.


We strive to offer the most comfortable experience throughout your visit. We put our heart in designing a happy space for our team and welcoming our clients.


We value your time and customer service is our priority. We are passionate about learning new skills to provide a wide range of services in a safe environment.

ADx Dental - Tailored to Your Comfort

Your Success is Our Goal

We are successful when you are successful...

Our main goal at ADx Dental is to assist you in maintaining and improving your oral health. You are the strongest pillar of care at ADx Dental.

Aiming for perfection is a bit like chasing our shadow. However, clear realistic goals are possible. Thank you for joining us, let’s celebrate all the small wins!

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