Emergency Care


Emergency Care

No dental emergency is too big for us. We have the required skills and training to perform all kinds of treatments in the very same office, all of which are done in a warm and relaxing environment. We believe that by removing anxiety triggers such as traditional dental cabinets and the high-pitch sound of the hand piece –or what clients typically call “the drill”–, this truly improves the overall experience at the dentist.

We understand that dental emergencies can be scary sometimes: that’s why we put our heart in designing a happy, welcoming space to offer you the most comfortable experience.

Infection & Pain Treatment

Is a tooth giving you trouble?
Do you have intense toothache or swelling?
Let's get you the treatment you need today.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

For your convenience,
we offer treatments and complimentary
consultations on Saturdays.

Root Canals

Got a damaged tooth or two?
We can help you alleviate your pain and
find options for saving your teeth.

Conscious Sedation

We offer IV or oral sedation for those who
wish to combine many treatments
in a single appointment.

Restorative Treatment

We're able to offer various restorative
procedures, such as gum,
implant and root canal therapy.

Same-Day Appointment

We have flexibility in our schedule
and can give you a same-day appointment.


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