avoid a dental emergency during vacations

avoid a dental emergency during vacations

How To Stop A Dental Emergency From Spoiling Your Vacation

All that exotic food you’d planned to try, the drinks you wanted to taste, the experiences you wanted to enjoy – they could all be impossible or, at best, painful, if you have a dental emergency while on vacation.

Your one chance in the year to really relax and be stress-free, can be totally ruined by your teeth. Dental emergencies are stressful enough when you’re at home, in a neighborhood you know, getting treatment from a dentist you’re familiar with. Take all that away, and add in a language barrier, the extra cost of overseas dental treatment and doubts about the suitability of your dentist, and what you’ve got is a recipe for a holiday nightmare.

Vacation Plans Ruined By Dental Pains

Toothache, a wisdom tooth infection, dental caries – you can’t ever tell when the pain’s going to get so bad you need help. You might be unfortunate enough to crack or chip a tooth while you’re away. Even flying can be the catalyst for tooth problems, with the pressure in airplane cabins often causing oral discomfort.

If you dread the prospect of waiting for treatment in a foreign dental clinic when you should be relaxing on the beach, here are 4 ways you can avoid dental emergencies while on vacation:

1: Get A Dental Check-Up Before You Go

If it’s been a while since your last check-up, or you’ve been experiencing dental pain, arrange a dental check-up a few weeks ahead of your trip so your dentist can give your teeth a thorough examination, and you’ll still have time to right any wrongs before you head off on vacation. Discover more about our preventative dentistry here.

2: Take Out Holiday Insurance Before You Go

Make sure it covers dental treatment, so that if you get tooth problems while you’re away, it won’t hit you in the pocket as well as the mouth.

3: Carry On Your Normal Dental Routine

Be sure to pack your regular toothpaste and toothbrush and carry on your daily dental routine while you’re on holiday. Tooth decay and mouth infections don’t ever take a break, so you’ll need to care for your teeth on holiday just like you do at home.

4: Pack Your Own Dental Emergency Kit

You can buy emergency dental repair kits in stores, or create your own. It should include oral pain relief gel, sterile toothpicks, dental floss, and material for temporary fillings

If you are unlucky enough to experience a dental emergency on vacation, be sure to visit your regular dentist when you return home as they will be able to make sure all is well.

ADx Dental, the SW Calgary dentist, will be happy to carry out pre-vacation dental inspections for new and existing customers, to help ensure you enjoy a worry-free trip.

And if you’re on holiday in Calgary when your dental emergency occurs, visit our walk-in dental clinic where we provide dental emergency services Calgary-wide.

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