Emergency Dental Care

Need Calgary Emergency Dental Services?

You can’t ever tell when you’re likely to need an emergency dentist Calgary SW. Sometimes an accident can leave you in desperate need for treatment. Other times tooth pain can become so severe you need help.

Whatever your reasons for seeking an emergency dentist in SW Calgary, here at ADx Dental we always keep appointment times open for emergency cases, so you can access a walk-in dentist in Calgary and get seen quickly.

No dental emergency in Calgary is too big for our team to handle, as we have experience of professionally dealing with all kinds of dental emergency. We’ll help you feel as calm and relaxed as possible too, as you’re likely to have suffered enough pain and stress already.

What Is Classed As A Dental Emergency?

Generally speaking, these are the situations in which you should look to seek emergency dental assistance in Calgary:

  • If a tooth or several teeth have been knocked out.
  • If a tooth has been chipped, cracked or broken.
  • If you’ve bitten your lip or tongue.
  • If a tooth or teeth have become loose.
  • If you have an infection that’s causing a painful abscess that over-the-counter medication can’t alleviate.
  • If you’ve damaged a dental crown or filling or bridge.
  • If you are experiencing pain following recent dental treatment.

Whatever the reason for your urgent need for seeking Calgary dentist walk-ins, you can be sure the team here at ADx will be ready to help quickly resolve your dental problem so life can get back to normal.

For access to a dental emergency clinic Calgary, call our emergency hotline on (403) 454-6677. You do not need to be a patient at ADx to benefit from our emergency dental service.

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How ADx Emergency Dental Treatment Can Help

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Relieve Tooth Pain

If you have toothache or a gum infection that’s bothering you, call us to arrange the emergency treatment you need today.
ADx Dental | South Calgary Dentist | Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

When the pain of wisdom teeth gets too much to bear, call us. You can even book emergency appointments on Saturdays.
ADx Dental | South Calgary Dentist | Root Canal

Get Emergency Root Canal Therapy

Deep and distressing tooth pain can be relieved quickly if you call us. And we could find options to save your teeth too.
ADx Dental | South Calgary Dentist | Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation Available

We can carry out emergency dental treatment with IV or oral sedation. Just ask.
ADx Dental | South Calgary Dentist | Dental Implants

Emergency Restorative Treatment

We can provide Root Canal Therapy, Dental Implants, Gum Rejuvenation and other dental treatments you need to get your mouth and teeth feeling normal again.
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Same-Day Appointment

We have flexibility in our schedule
and can give you a same-day appointment.


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