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Saving Your Natural Teeth With Root Canal Therapy At SW Calgary Dentist

When pain strikes your teeth, chances are there’s an infection inside your tooth. Root canal therapy is a good way of treating this kind of tooth pain.

The treatment is part of a genre of dentistry called Endodontics, a word which literally means inside the tooth.

If you are suffering from toothache call ADx Dental, the Calgary SW dental clinic to arrange an appointment with Dr Tran. He will assess the state of your tooth and, as well as alleviating the pain, will decide on the best way to save the tooth from being extracted.

Root canal therapy can often be the best solution. It treats disorders of the pulp of the tooth, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth. The goal of the therapy to is to save the tooth and restore a feeling of comfort inside your mouth.

Root canal treatment is often recommended when a tooth becomes infected. But spotting an infected tooth isn’t always easy. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • There’s a sharp pain when you bite into food
  • The tooth is sensitive to extremes of hot and cold, and the pain lingers long after the source is removed
  • You notice a change of color in the tooth as it becomes darker – an indication of nerve damage or that the tooth is slowly dying
  • Your gums experience pain or tenderness more frequently than normal
  • Toothache is affecting your ability to sleep and even wakes you up during the night
  • Over the counter pain remedies can’t relive the throbbing tooth pain you’re experiencing.

What’s Involved In Root Canal Therapy At Our Calgary SW Dentist?

Step 1:  Your root canals will be shaped and cleaned

Step 2:  Unhealthy pulp is removed from the tooth

Step 3: Canals will be smoothed and cleaned

Step 4: Root canals are filled with a fine, rubbery material

Step 5: The root canal is sealed off, leaving the filling material in place

Step 6: The exterior of your tooth will be restored

When restoring your damaged teeth, Dr Tran will analyze the relationship between your teeth and your face and harmonize the elements so that your smile lets you shine at your best.

Whether you are a new or existing ADx Dental customer, contact our SW Calgary Dental Clinic to discuss the benefits of root canal therapy in Calgary

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Why Choose ADx Dental For Root Canal In Calgary?

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Save Your Natural Teeth

Root canal treats the nerve of a damaged tooth so it can be repaired and saved.
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Choose Conscious Sedation

If you are worried about root canal work, we offer IV and oral sedation to alleviate the anxiety associated with longer treatments.
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We’re here to help you overcome the pain of toothache and give you the treatment you need.


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